To help students do their absolute best, Geneva has been designated a Title I school. This allows the school access to resources that will bolster the educational program. The following documents provide more information as to how this program works:

Geneva Elementary School Overview Title I Plan

Geneva is designated as a Title I school. The major factor that determines this designation is the percentage of students who are on Free/Reduced Lunch. Our range stays between 80-85%.

When a school becomes a Title I school we receive federal dollars based on the percentage of our students who receive free and reduced lunches. We use these funds to reduce class size, hire instructional aides, provide additional interventions to students who need them to progress and succeed.

Our most important goal is to help children progress and to hopefully make one year’s growth in reading/language arts proficiency. We plan to reach this goal by:

Providing quality instruction in each classroom and interventions by teachers and aides, through programs like STAR tutoring, Oral Language for English Second Language Learners, pre-teaching and re-teaching challenging concepts and MyOn vocabulary.

The actual Title I Plan is available and can be reviewed by contacting Mr. Conley.

Title I Compact (or Agreement)