I hope each of you are enjoying the Autumn season and getting ready for the holidays just ahead.

I want to report just a few things to you. We continue to endeavor to help each student at Geneva make progress and to enrich their learning experience as well. Our STEAM program provides opportunities to interact and be part of hands-on learning.

The first Family STEAM Night was recently conducted and 90 folks attended. It was an enjoyable evening for everybody as each grade level, first through sixth grades, featured a STEAM learning activity that families could participate in together.

Our kindergarten through third grade teachers are part of a reading improvement process that involves meeting with curriculum and coaching personnel and we seek to strengthen the strategies we use to help each student to progress in reading. We are grateful for these resources.

We are featuring the “6 C’s” as part of our citizenship and values emphasis at Geneva. The 6 C’s are: Communication, Citizenship, Character, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Collaboration. Student Council highlights them each morning in the announcements, and teachers collaborate and use them to enhance environment and instruction.

May each family who is part of the Geneva community be safe and enjoy this time of Thanksgiving.

Principal Conley
My email address is: [email protected]