Welcome to another wonderful school year here at Geneva Elementary!  We are so excited to welcome our students and parents back.  As you all know, it has been, and continues to be, a very unique time with everyone dealing with the ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic and how that has affected school.  We truly missed having our students in the building the last few months of last year.  We appreciate our school board giving families the option to come back to school and attend in person or to continue the on-line learning similar to what was done last spring.  Regardless of the choice made, we want you to know that Geneva Elementary is dedicated to providing the best education possible to our students.  Our teachers and staff are the best around, and will do whatever is necessary to help our students be successful.  As before, one of the top keys to success will be to have on-going and open communication between the school and home.  I encourage you to stay in contact with your child’s teacher on a regular basis.  As we work as a team, great things will continue to be a hallmark at Geneva.

With the unique circumstances facing us this year, we want you to know that safety continues to be a top priority.  As a school, we will follow all state and district guidelines and do our best to help students, not only be physically safe, but to feel good mentally and emotionally.  The following plan has been put in to place to help with these goals:


Geneva Elementary Safety Plan


1-Regular communication will be sent out and available to patrons explaining symptoms of the Covid-19 virus and advising parents to keep students at home if any symptoms are present.

2- The nurses room by the office will be designated a “quarantine room” for anyone displaying any symptoms throughout the day until parents pick up the student.   Office hallway traffic will be controlled by gates at either end to discourage contact by the quarantine room and to also ensure greater confidentiality.

3-When students arrive at school, they will line up in designated areas outside at the front of the building instead of congregating in the cafeteria.  Those eating breakfast will eat in the lunchroom, using one side only of the tables, and leave the cafeteria to line up as soon as they are finished.  Grade levels will be excused one at a time to walk to their classrooms.  In case of inclement weather, a red flag will be placed outside the front entrance to notify students to line up in the cafeteria where there will be designated grade-level locations spaced as far apart as possible

4-Students will follow the directional arrows on the hallway tile when walking in the hallways and follow proper spacing guidelines.

5-Teachers will have desks face the front of the room and space them as far apart as feasible.  Unnecessary furniture will be removed in classrooms to allow more space to spread out.

6-All adults and students in the school building will wear masks when in class and hallways.  Masks may be removed when eating and at recess or PE.   Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom.  Regular hand-washing will be taught and encouraged.  Every other bathroom stall and urinal will be blocked off and not used.  All water fountains will be turned off except for the main one by the bathrooms which will have a water-filling station installed and available.  Students will be encouraged to bring their own water bottles, and others will be available for those who don’t have one.

7- 4-6 grade students will eat lunch outside on the west playground.  If weather makes it impossible to be outside, they will eat in the classrooms.  K-3 grade students will eat at designated spots in the cafeteria where they will use only one side of each table and practice proper spacing protocol.

8-Assemblies and fieldtrips will be discontinued until further notice.

9-Classrooms and all common areas will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each night.

10-When library books are returned, they will be either quarantined for sufficient time to allow any virus to die, or be thoroughly wiped down and sanitized before being placed back on the shelves.

11-In addition to the above-mentioned items, Geneva Elementary will follow all district and state guidelines including dismissing school an hour early each day.  Parents will be given the option of having students attend school in person or receiving on-line instruction from district appointed personnel.


Thank you again for your support and help.  It’s going to be a great year!


John Shelton,