Fifth Grade

Tiffany Hale
Zac Crawford

Teacher – Ext. 156-110

Rachel Hardy

Teacher – Ext. 156-113


NOTE: Homework in fifth grade is paperless. All assignments are online. Each week we will have a module for math on IXL . We also require 2.5 hours of reading per week. Of that time, at least 1.5 hours should be done on MyON which provides thousands of online books to your device.

IXL Homework for Mrs. Hale’s and Mr. Crawford’s Students.

Get reading for a year of discovery. Check out this webquest as a sample of a tech learning activity.

Send us your aluminum cans, General Mills Boxtops for Education, and unwanted Christmas lights, and we’ll turn it into money to help fifth grade activities. We will even come to pick up old appliances and scrap metal.

See how well you know you multiplication facts with this ONLINE QUIZ FOR FACTS.

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