The Giant of Geneva

Our school's mascot, the Giant, began in 1948 when the school opened.

Reading and Writing

Making literacy come alive for a new generation of Americans.

Kids from around the globe.

Helping our students connect to a world of learning.

A place of collaboration

Working together for growth brings impressive change.

60 plus years

As Alpine School District's oldest operating elementary school, Geneva has generations of learners, both young and "less young."

Welcome to the homepage of Geneva Elementary, where the faculty, staff, and parents team together to help the children of today become the leaders of tomorrow. Feel free to use this page to get the information your child needs for the best school experience.

  • Congratulations to Mrs. Buma, Mrs. Secrist, and Ms. Buma: Recognized “Highly Effective” in their students’ SAGE progress!
  • We look forward to seeing students and patrons on our Family Night on March 9, 5 pm – 6 pm.
  • Confused about education legislation and how it may affect students? THIS LINK will explain!
  • Patti Harrington of the Utah State School Board explains how SB 38 may affect schools.
  • Learn more about the SAGE test results, either in English or Español.
  • Stay connected to your student’s school life with the ASD Mobile App.
  • Geneva Elementary School Community:

    Last year we used about $29,000 from our School Trust Lands Grant to purchase aides and supplies to address our goal of helping each student make progress in reading, with many students making a year or more of reading growth. While not every student made one year’s growth, every student made progress as identified by our SAGE standardized test and DRA, which is our reading assessment. At SEP’s your child’s teacher will share results with you.

  • School Stakeholder’s Report: See Part 1 and also Part 2

    ‎Utah’s policy on school supplies

Learning For All While Reaching Each One