The Giant of Geneva

Our school's mascot, the Giant, began in 1948 when the school opened.

Reading and Writing

Making literacy come alive for a new generation of Americans.

Kids from around the globe.

Helping our students connect to a world of learning.

A place of collaboration

Working together for growth brings impressive change.

Nearly 70 Years . . .

As Alpine School District's oldest operating elementary school, Geneva has generations of learners, both young and "less young."

Welcome to the homepage of Geneva Elementary, where the faculty, staff, and parents team together to help the children of today become the leaders of tomorrow. Feel free to use this page to get the information your child needs for the best school experience.

  • THANK YOU, Fidelity Cares! Your project to give Geneva a facelift was a newsworthy event.
    Check out the PHOTOS of the event here.

  • TOWN HALL MEETING AT GENEVA. Dec. 8, 2016 at 6 p.m.
    Rob Smith from ASD will be at Geneva for a Town Hall Open Forum to discuss issues pertinent to Geneva and ASD for the upcoming legislative session, as well as the School Board’s priorities. He invites staff, faculty and parents to attend this forum where he will answer questions and share info important to our school and district.
  • Emergencies are a reality. Learn about our Emergency Procedures to know what we will do when urgent situations occur.
  • Going through a divorce? If so, the Utah Courts offer Divorce Education Classes to help children adjust.
  • We want YOU as a GIANT VOLUNTEER. Call the office today to learn more.
  • A fun retro blast: see Geneva’s Dance Festival from long ago.
  • School Stakeholder’s Report: Click HERE to download.

    Utah’s policy on school supplies

Learning For All While Reaching Each One